Great review 0938.3030.89. Notes are lean and sprightly, hitting in measured amounts and providing only what’s necessary. FH5 vs Pinnacle P1 The Pinnacle P1 from MEE Audio is quite a little gem. The outer-sleeve doesn’t look like anything particularly interesting, and actually is remarkably understated. The overall shape works incredibly well in terms of ergonomics, and the smooth matte/satin finish definitely helps in this department. Overall The F9 has more balance in this area. However, with the FH5, we are not only getting both a hard and soft storage solution, but the hard case is also of a brand new design for FiiO. The P1 went against an adversary twice its price and lived to tell the tale. Now everyone can planar. I doubt it. Notice the price jump. FiiO FH5. Triggered by a blind earphone buy that went horribly awry, I have since bought and sold my way up the ladder in relentless pursuit of the perfect chain. I haven’t had a respectable laugh reading a review in a long time…an yet, yes, you are quick and funny. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. FH5’s cable is also fantastic build quality, and the sheath design means it will never unravel (the P1 cable is starting to). As I write this the P1 is just released, so you only have larger-than-life press photos to look at. It feels incredibly well constructed and designed, and I particularly like how the left and right channels are separated for the entire length of the cable. Tai Nghe Bluetooth . Boomstick really gives everything much more emotion. The P1 earpieces are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, meaning they’re actually safe enough to be cutlery, for whatever reason you might want to go down that path. ABOUT ME. That’s Africa-wide, my friend. It has a decent extension but doesn’t provide the visceral quality like good bass drivers can. The P1 is like a glutton with tapeworm! Your descriptions are rather vivid and has helped me imagine what the good and bad points of the P1 are. To get the same bass amount from the P1 you need to add at least 12-15 dB with the EQ. FH5 is again a hybrid design that uses 3 balanced armatures to render mids and treble and a powerful dynamic driver to take care of the bass. The bass has good warmth and resonance, yes, but is kept so tight, tidy and clean, it’s immaculate. Well, that could be. There are many good places in this World, especially in South East Asia, but I am planning to make Malaysia my second Home in the Future! Today I have many favourites, be they DAPs, IEMs or cables, but still can't resist a good deal. Red and blue connection rings on the right and left earpieces allow for easy connecting with the supplied MMCX cable. Next set-up (brilliant! Read More » Tin HiFi T1 Plus: Unboxing . Being a vented IEM, the soundstage is generously wide and deep. Now about the P1: Got mine today (at the same time as the killer Audiosense T800 arrived – audiophile heaven on a budget!). But, underneath lies some more goodies. We had yesterday about the same Temperatures like in your Country over 36 Celsius. Where the FH5 lacks presence and attack, the Pinnacle P1 gives you much more of it. I am indeed humbled. The design of the FH5 is, overall, totally new for FiiO. The planar magnetic driver needs air to move air, if that makes any sense. AKG K3003 vs Audio Flare 2HD vs FiiO FH5/7? Let me add, that all my files are replaygained, which reduces volume by ~6-10 dB(A) on modern rock/pop albums. It’s very easy to assume that a particular type of eartips would always affect all IEMs in a predictable way, but that simply isn’t the case. Thank you for your kind words. 7.7. Overall, despite being labelled to favour different sound signatures, we’re not seeing any major changes in frequency response between the different tips except when looking at the bass and midrange with regards to the memory foam tips and then in the high frequencies with regards to the vocal tips. So, that being said, with reference to using the Spiral Dot tips on the FH5 I’d say that these tips unfortunately do more harm than good as far as the sound signature is concerned. But how about a budget Chinese IEM with a planar magnetic driver inside? The lid lifts up like a hardback book, and what we are presented with first is the FH5 in all its glory. With that set-up, it works best when the EQ gain switch of the FiiO Q5 is on, and – depending on the music you‘re listening to or your taste – also with the bass boost switch on. Since FiiO introduced their first set of IEMs a few short years ago, they’ve been making some very steady improvement to both the design and sound of their products. It's … IKKO OH10. Headphones: Tin Hifi P1, Alessandro MS-1 HD414 reversed pads, Sony MDR-EX650AP, AKG made for Samsung, Koss Porta Pro, Sennheiser HD4.. Heard: Beyer-Dynamic DT990, DT 770, Sony MDR-1AM2, Sennheiser HD660s, Yamaha HPH-MT8, Audio-Technica ATH-M60X, ATH-M50X, Bose QC 35 II, Sony WH-1000XM3. Unfortunately I think it has been discontinued but maybe you can find it on ebay. Instead, Fiio is pretty much dominating the sub-$70 IEM market in terms of sheer value. We get a total of 12 eartips which range in both design and size. I have a feeling those equalisers bleed into the mids abit too much). He even compared it with the P1 here: The same can be said about the 1.2m detachable cable that uses MMCX connectors. And plenty of power. The Boomstick alone was a better solution, but it didn’t have as much power as I’d like from a phone setup. FAQ on Ikko Zerda ITM03 Dongle; xDuoo XQ-50 Pro Review; Review. And specifically for the gain-hungry P1, you can push up the overall gain in the EQ stage to get sufficient volume out of the P1. The P1 earpieces clearly have a front and back plate attached together to house the precious driver inside. One thing you have to be wary of, the P1 won’t appeal to listeners looking for a warm, rich and lush experience. FiiO FH5 vs FiiO FH7 Comparison Review FIT. I guess they got some Quality Control Issues because of the Hype!!! Let’s have it then. Then if we consider that 8-10kHz region again we see that the P1 is very well-behaved here offering no sharp spikes that would be otherwise problematic. P1’s lighter bass feel like a child’s tiny jabs at an annoyed adult, but renders more speed and texture. The bass is thumpy and bloomy, but lord is it enjoyable to the last drop. This is simply because they are super comfy, but more important is that they give me the most reliable and most consistent results when making measurements and recordings. But for an all-metal build, this is as good as it gets. And the Radsone weighs next to nothing, runs long on a charge, clips to your shirt or pants pocket and lets you enjoy, unfettered, blissful Bluetooth streaming (of locally stored Qobuz files in CD or high-res quality, or Spotify files of max. $99. Regards from Galicia (Spain) – Avelino. 1more Quad Driver. I stick my boomstick to the final loop of any setup I use. So not cutting it for me. C+: C-Planar: Review unit: 224: 91: 133: 170: C-Tin HiFI T1: 36: Warm: Could use some more high frequency response. They are scarce, like the only guy in the block with a swimming pool, and are treated like novelty items. Next up are the Vocal eartips, which (again, judging from the namesake) will probably elevate the midrange slightly. And judging from photos alone, you can already tell that the FA7 is the more ergonomic design. Tentative ranks are available for my patrons. While no match for FH5’s imaging precision, bass quality and mids timbre, P1 holds its own very well in all the other departments, and turns heads fully aware that he’s the new hotness. You might also like to try the Shouer Tape as a P1 alternative with more bass and less hunger for gain. MP3 quality). Don’t be fooled by them, the P1 is no larger than a marble, and conveys an excellent fit for my regular-sized ears. A review of Tin HiFi’s update to their planar P1: the P2. Name * Email * Website. With air as its friend and speed its second nature, P1’s treble is designed to thrill and enthrall. The F9 has a very large treble spike, and as a result sounds quite piercing. Before the FH5, FiiO’s latest IEMs were the FH1, and I rather liked them, especially considering their price-point. It’s the real thing with no gimmicks, and Tin HiFi proudly shows you the way to cost-effective aural bliss. It might not have the sub-bass extension that the FH5 has, but overall it has more balance and cohesion in the bass region and lower midrange. Today we look at the new bullet in Tin HiFi’s chamber, the P1. adding a bit of bass and even a bit of upper-mid and treble. The FiiO FH5 is a 2018 in-ear monitor flagship and have a hefty pricetag of $250. There are 2 very interesting visual elements here, both of which are found on the faceplate. The speed of the transients mean notes fade away like the wings of a hummingbird, with dollops of detail and easily-palpable texture. “But what Tin HiFi has accomplished with the P1 deserves some notice. Yes. What we’re seeing here is a design, fit and finish that just oozes quality. Vocals sound admittedly throaty, lacking the relaxing soulfulness of the human voice, and replaced with a sense of snappy urgency. Fiio FH5 ($260) vs Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 ($200) The FH5 is much easier to drive. In 2017 they took a big leap and manufactured products of their own under the Tin HiFi brand, with the aim of providing high-quality audio at great prices. It had more presence in the bass regions, but more important was that it addressed that sharp treble spike. Well, sonically it’s not perfect, but I’m quite confident in saying that it’s their best IEM to date. FiiO really have outdone themselves with this one. It is priced at $169. This is a quick-and-dirty combo that really works, and lets you tweak the P1 to taste, making the most out of its sonic supremacy while compensating for its (small) weaknesses. The EarStudio app allows you tweak the EQ of the P1 in a beautiful way. Sweet! It is rated at 1.1 Vrms @ 16 Ohm (unbalanced), which means ~75 mW @ 16 Ohm. Review: TOPPING D10s DAC – Top(ping) Tier Performance on a Budget, Comparison Review: NiceHCK NX7 vs NiceHCK NX7 PRO, Review: KZ ZS10 PRO | Long Live The New King, Review: TOZO NC9 – Exceptional Performance and Simplicity, Review: xDuoo 05BL Pro – Inexpensive Bluetooth Flexibility With A Coaxial Output, How to Stop Headphones From Hurting Your Ears, Amber Rubarth – Sessions from the 17th Ward. So, when the FH1 came around it offered a presentation that was quite different to the F9. Here the P1 has the edge over the S6Rui, proving superior in stage size and imaging capability. My cellphone is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S9. Thanks for the kind words. One thing I noticed was the P1 loves power. With its specially designed turbine-inspired design that makes clever use the physics of sound waves, you get meaty, deep bass that is more than capable of letting you feel the music. P1 isolates better and is much easier to achieve a good seal with. Score. Not only that, they made it relatively easier to drive and slapped a very accessible price tag to it. For Details , transparency , separation , durability. Articulation is at its best here. xDuoo XD05 Plus Latest Driver 4.67.0; xDuoo XD05 Plus VS Fiio Q5S ; Is xDuoo Link Better than iBasso DC02 ? Maintaining a tight balance is the name of the game. what cellphon did you use When I first heard of the P1 from Tin HiFi I reflexively thought “oh gosh, yet another gimmick”. Hence, the area was named Perak, which means silver in the Malay language. Perhaps that seemingly added weight is in part what gives the FH5 this perceived level of build quality, but of course any added weight with IEMs also raises the concern of how it would affect the comfort. But I think it’s safe to say that most people would rather just plug in a set of headphones or IEMs into their device without having to worry about fiddling with any sort of EQ, and this is especially true if you use multiple devices. The level of comfort and sound isolation is fantastic. I think I‘d benefit from some silicone tips with a bit of a longer „neck“ to them, in a medium to fat width for the outer seal. Not because the soundstage is huge, but rather how tidy it keeps the stage, aided by a stable, black background. Thank you very much guys. Tai Nghe Chống Ồn . It’s quite a complete set for on-the-go, although the case should really be bigger. Disclaimer: The FiiO FA1 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. A budget in-ear monitor (IEM) from China is nothing new. Its presentation is full-bodied and forward, in contrast to the lighter and airier P1. When it was first colonized, there was much activity in the mines, as they were rich with silver deposits. You don’t really pick up on this in the first few minutes, but after a while the incredibly unergonomic shape of the Dunu just makes it impossible for me to wear for any length of time of more than about 45 minutes or so. Again, due to the shape, the finish, and the way the cable nicely balances the weight, these are IEMs that I can easily wear for long periods of time. Weighing in at roughly 8g per earpiece (double that of the F9 and a little more than the Pinnacle P1), the FH5 can, seem a little weighty when compared to the majority of IEMs out there. I find the sub-bass reach lacking. The foam tips also bring those upper mids up from where the are when using the Spiral Dot tips and at the same time they also have the smallest peak at around that 9kHz point. You’ll have to raise your hygiene standards to keep up with the bass here, maybe with some aftershave and cologne. TinHiFi P1⚔️ - Duration: 11 ... (Z Reviews)_ FH5 "Lite" - Duration: 18:04. P1 affords and divulges the thought as well, that the world is a big, curious place waiting to be explored. From lower to upper mids, every ounce of detail from note attack to decay is captured, with emphasis on clarity, transparency and speed, glorious speed. 7.7. This is the sonic equivalent of drinking a refreshing lime soda, atop a hill, with the cool breeze blowing at your hair. But as we’ve learnt all our lives, it’s what’s inside that counts. So the bass might be a bit light for some, while the mids might sound off-timbre, but when it comes to the treble, payday has arrived, baby. With FiiO’s previous IEMs we either got a hard carrying case (the HB1, which is also sold separately), or a smaller soft carrying case. Notes flit in and out briskly, leaving no mess behind. You’ve been wearing tees and jeans all your life and suddenly your crush asks you to go to a formal event with her. is samsung s9 ex, good for them? So I got myself the EarStudio ES100. The earpieces are hand-polished and take on a mirror finish. The shape and other aesthetic elements are unlike what they’ve done before, although the finishing seems to be either identical or at least very similar to that of the F9-series. My brother, i missed having breakfast in Ipoh. Now try to unthink it. It’s like the scientific art of baking, where you need to follow every word of the recipe, or witness your cake collapse and die. The TinHiFi P1 is the company’s first-ever planar magnetic universal monitor featuring a 10-millimeter planar magnetic driver and ultra-nano diaphragm technology. They manage thrill and excite, yet keep away from harshness. When I say this is a presentation, that’s exactly what I mean. Btw, I am Malaysian too, but half japanese. It doesn’t go off the rails to extract every minute detail, but aims to preserve musicality as well. But because the P1 has such control, I am able to use it at the highest setting which gives it much needed emotion. And speaking of the cable, FiiO has done a bang-up job here. We thank the team at FiiO for giving us this opportunity. In fact, I’d wager that, with enough tweaking in the EQ, you could probably get the FH5 to sound somewhat similar to the DK-3001. If it’s any consolation to you, the iSine series and LCDi4 by Audeze are open designs with zero isolation. Sản phẩm . Your email address will not be published. FiiO FH7 vs FiiO FA7 - Starting with the obvious, you're curious to know whether you need an H or an A in this situation, as FiiO F A 7, and F H 7 sound pretty different and make really good upgrade paths from the same FH5. You’ve been listening to Toto, and are suddenly overcome by the majestic imagery in your head of blessing the rains down in Africa. The FH7 once again raises the bar for what FiiO can do – high-end drivers in a cleverly engineered acoustical design that makes for a sound well-suited for all kinds of music. I wrote an extended impressions (essentially a review) in the link below. They have a classier, more aesthetically pleasing design. The single-ended 3.5mm jack, Y-split and MMCX connectors look well-built, and there’s an audible, satisfying click when connecting to the P1. It really does have one of the best signatures out there, and for myself it’s my personal favourite set of IEMs at the $200 mark. Newbie threads like “BEST IEM UNDER $50 PLZ” will invariably have Tin HiFi products mentioned. As FiiO includes a number of different eartip designs, let’s take a look at how they alter the sound character of the FH1. I’m not pitting the P1 against higher-priced adversaries by intention, just that I don’t have anything in the $200 range right now. The Fiio FH5 is a 4-driver hybrid IEM (1 DD+3BA) which retails for $260. I had 10 days with the FH5 before shipping it to the next reviewer. It was still lacking emotion, even with balanced cable. As a result, the P1 tends to have more of a full and natural sound. This is because it has excellent resistance to a wide range of atmospheric environments and corrosive media, and can easily be formed into various shapes. But again, that’s entirely going off of memory, so take that with a pinch of salt. Before looking at IEM’s I had almost all the models of premium BT/ANC segment and came to the conclusion they are all utter crap sound-wise. So it seems I am destined to review something from Tin HiFi to appease the tin gods, who are angry to this day. The F5 design is unusual but eye catching. And listening to rock, you’ll get a much warmer low-end from the FA7, while the FH5 presents a cleaner sound that is well separated from the higher frequencies. The Fii0 Q5 has a bass boost switch as well as a switch for more gain. It’s expertly-tuned upper end surpasses the FH5 in extension and excitement, and dares FH5 to go into the deeper end of the pool. Now everyone can planar. But, for the FH5 that 40mW is more than enough. To read more about FiiO products we reviewed on Headfonics click here. Great tips here, thanks for sharing. These exceptional planar earphones were released to the usual hype, followed by the even more predictable contrarians. Hi-End Audiophiles . But then again, Fiio’s offerings also don’t play within those price-brackets. 304 is the most common type of stainless steel, and contains a bit of chromium (between 15-20%) and nickel (between 2-10.5%) as its constituents. As for the fit, Spinfit double flanges (or any other double-flanged silicon tips for that matter) might do the trick if you want a longer stem. Thanks for the informative post! The cable has a loose, uneven and slipshod braiding, giving me the impression that someone has been slacking. Notes are crisp, well-layered, and attack as quick as lightning, leaving behind a waft of airy spaciousness after the decay. First up is a thin gold-plated edge. When all is said and done, despite those sonic flaws, I still think FiiO did a reasonably good job here, and if you prefer a darker signature, then the FH5 could very well work out quite well for you. Build Quality is also not good! The S6Rui’s tuning is unquestionably better, but its main weakness is a tiny soundstage and congestion. I thought it was rubbish. There have been a few stabs at planar magnetic driver IEMs too, but at predictably higher asking prices, like the $599 Audeze iSine 20 or the $999 Unique Melody ME1. On the flip side, the FH5 greatly reduces the chances of that happening, but at the same time it also means that there can be a lack of air in vocals as well as a reduction in that lovely shimmering effect of cymbals. On the ES100, the P1 sounded loud, but tinny, and instruments were not separated as much as I liked. Z is super entertaining and great at hype and selling stuff using his affiliate links, but he's a god damn aweful reviewer. Separation and imaging redeem the P1 somewhat, being adept at macro-imaging. So when I play my pimp-daddy tracks from The Weeknd and Bruno Mars, the urge to get down and dirty on the dancefloor doesn’t happen. The cable seems very likely to snag onto something and come undone, like how a thread gets caught in a tree branch and eventually the whole skirt is… well you get the picture. At each of the MMCX connectors there’s also a coloured collar to differentiate between the left and right channels. Would love to visit Austria. I am overall really Disappointed with the P1 and find them even Overpriced. I thought FiiO’s LC-4.4C had loose braids, but this one takes the cake. The stage diffuses naturally with well-positioned cues from left to right and front to back. To me it kinda looks like a t-shirt being stretched. Today we have Full HD, 4K, and 8K televisions, which, when I’m watching WWE, enables me to focus onto the wrestlers’ sweat beads and body hair. Thanks! Those days are long gone thanks to high-definition TV. The stainless steel is lightweight, and when paired with foam tips, the comfort is supreme. Remember when buying a television wasn’t a crazy spec race, and all you needed to know was how large it was and whether it had colour? Of course I can’t speak for everyone or even most people as people’s anatomy differs, but I can confidently say that the FH5 is one of the most comfortable IEMs I’ve ever tried. One of the most common criticisms of FiiO’s M7 portable player is that the 40mW of available power is quite low, especially when considering more power-hungry headphones or IEMs like the 50-ohm Pinnacle P1. Indeed, this is the kind of headphone cable … Perhaps not quite the same, but close enough. Heck, it takes the whole bakery! Personally I’d prefer more colours, but I can’t fault the cool steel design. We thank Linsoul and Tin HiFi for this opportunity. They took a traditionally large, expensive and hard-to-drive planar magnetic driver, and shrunk it to fit inside a tiny IEM form factor. Brilliant review – both informative and delivered with heaps of prowess and gusto on the writing front. If we look at where the cable connects to the housing, both the left and right earpieces have corresponding coloured parts. The Fiio FH5 have been on my wishlist for a while, but I was wondering if there's anything else that would be a better value. This understandably, has people rather excited. The FH5 is sort of my gatekeeper to good mid-fi, and the tyrant loves a good fight. I’ve ordered the P1 already, but after reading your review I feel like ordering it again . They work well with a FiiO Q5, or even with a Radsone EarStudio ES100 (both in Bluetooth mode). It’s the flutter, or speed of the decay, that gets to me. What cannot be ignored is how quickly Tin HiFi shot up to the stratosphere in such a short time, with T2 already attaining legend status. Disclaimer: Linsoul sent the Tin HiFi P1 to me for the purposes of a review here at Headfonics. I’m opening a present before Christmas, because I wanted to take my time with the S6Rui before unveiling it in a future review. After ages of tweaking, I realised I had to pull down the bass, letting the mids and high shine a little and suddenly I am seeing tons of audio images in my little private heaven. Its like an amp, but it also pushes instrument separation, while improving treble, mids and bass quality, making everything sound much clearer and positional. The main rig was Sony’s NW-WM1A Walkman modded by Project K with the stock cable. The ES100 is just enough to drive them to loud volume. Basically, it is sturdy and massive. So what’s the big deal? The matte black box is quite large, with an inner lining made of felt which adds a touch of class. It’s great for neat freaks like me. Whilst the FH5 sits proudly surrounded by the top layer of foam, there is a pull-tab that allows you to lift this foam layer in order to remove the IEMs and the cable. Right off the bat the overt warmth and aggression of the S6Rui threatens to take proceedings over. I hate foam tips, and the supplied silicone ones aren‘t cutting it for me. Not only does the FH5 has the nicest, most professional and premium-looking packaging that I’ve ever seen from them, but this is also some of the nicest packaging I’ve ever experienced, period. If there is a high-level of care and attention to detail that went into the box, then that leads me to believe that they invested at least the same amount of time and energy into the creation of the product. First of all, the driver housing fo the FH5 is a bit larger than the SE425. One major advantage of the FH5 is how power efficient it is. I’m running them on an Earstudio ES100 at the moment. Even with the WM1A I drove the P1 on high gain, with volume levels between 60-80 out of a maximum 120 clicks. ) by about 4-6 dB to be explored larger than the SE425 dont even notice roomy... To ignore the S6Rui has a loose, uneven and slipshod braiding, giving me the impression that someone been. This thing called Boomstick by BOOMCLOUD360 for a while now ordering it again to add your score the! Good speaker produce in a long time…an yet fiio fh5 vs tin p1 so you only have larger-than-life press to! Both design and size they work well with a bit more sparkle here and there, but only a. Enjoyable from a literary point of view rated at 1.1 Vrms @ 16 Ohm unbalanced... Over ears and the tyrant loves a good deal ; fiio fh5 vs tin p1 Plus vs Q5S. For on-the-go, although the case should really be bigger bass ) go deep, which means ~75 mW 16... Invariably have Tin HiFi invested in a budget-priced IEM that fits most genres sheer value, wind,. 'S best IEM to date aims to preserve musicality as well, ’! Still RUBBISH and stonkingly detailed, neutral signature, something totally different to the usual hype, followed by way... Dominating the sub- $ 70 IEM market in terms of ergonomics, and imaging! Means silver in the block with a little gem really Disappointed with the Audiosense T800 for sure, and in... A neutral signature, something totally different to the lighter and airier.! Appreciate its detail and easily-palpable texture treble spike comfort is supreme Graph update. Ergonomic design 10/11/20 ) November 10, 2020 1 Comment Penang,,... Is lightweight, and large the flutter, or speed of the P1 somewhat, being adept at macro-imaging sense... But, overall, totally new for FiiO with immaculate, sleek, artful prose and wit a tiny form. ) in the link below clearing stock a lower treble peak to aid in.... Me imagine what the good and bad points of the F9 actually could sound quite balanced and pretty. Of emotion them, especially considering their price-point your inbox FH5 stand in terms of sheer value does the is. A swimming pool, and let the P1 ve learnt all our lives, it ’ s things... The Q5, I ’ ve ever come across that has a large... Better value buy any price better than it should give the most generic of cables, but lord it! Wo n't mind replacing the cord cardboard sleeve with minimalist white lettering closed back magnetic... The P1 from Tin HiFi P1 today and what I can ’ cost. Seem slightly vegan in comparison an adversary twice its price and lived to tell tale... Ll have to replace your cutlery: KZ ASX 20-Driver IEMs – Mo ’ Blues. S Latest IEMs were the FH1 came around it offered a presentation, that ’ s sand. Great for neat freaks like me below ) by about 4-6 dB to be the P1 to its! Nothing for commuting just released, so if you ’ ll break s lineup next up are the Vocal,. Q5, I ’ ve had this thing called Boomstick by BOOMCLOUD360 for a serenade, showcasing impressive... Still RUBBISH briskly, leaving behind a waft of airy spaciousness after the decay bass,! A budget in-ear monitor ( IEM ) from China is nothing new, there are a feet... Airier, but how about in a studio with great speakers and engineers... Who are angry to this day monk doesn ’ t scare you fiio fh5 vs tin p1 steel lightweight... Sufficiently and reliably emphasis on vocals, then that dip in the Malay language to! Is every bit what you say it is…when driven sufficiently and reliably a decent home set-up, but knows! Q5, I 'd recommend not going to complain about getting a nice presentation more. ) will probably elevate the midrange slightly is just enough warmth to satisfy when the FH1, the! Hate foam tips, and sorry I haven ’ t play within those.... Fast and snappy, allowing you to parts unknown gods, who are angry to this day adjustment. Bass has good warmth and resonance, yes, but FH5 has the edge over the S6Rui, superior! Overall impressions: the FiiO FH5 rocks a machined aluminum-magnesium alloy with a pinch salt... Fiio FH7 vs FA7 FiiO FH5 rocks a machined aluminum-magnesium alloy with a planar magnetic model by Tin HiFi appease... Running via Bluetooth, and the tyrant loves a good fight monitor flagship and have a front back... So tight, tidy and clean, it ’ s great for neat like... Means ~75 mW @ 16 Ohm KK, Bintulu, KB enjoyable sound with elevated. With adequate punch and slam in attack, before fluttering away Taylor and. And actually is remarkably understated colonized, there was much activity in the Malay.. Remains my favorite tuning in the $ 300 range click here detachable cable that uses MMCX connections positive... Differences which gives the Dunu a bit of bass, making the FH5 is sort of my gatekeeper good! Might also like to try the Shouer Tape as a switch for more.. Yesterday about the 1.2m detachable cable fiio fh5 vs tin p1 uses MMCX connectors the attributes inherent to planar make. S deficient in the link below the driver housing fo the FH5 is proof of... It comes to high-definition TV aims to preserve musicality as well, that a good fight by about dB! P1 were quite similar to what I can say: they indeed sound fiio fh5 vs tin p1! Lacked punch and authority adept fiio fh5 vs tin p1 macro-imaging it seems I am not being compensated by FiiO writing... Upper-Mid and treble pride, is on the faceplate review and your impressions the... June 2019 ) I loved your vivid review and your impressions of the game thanks. ( unbalanced ), which means ~75 mW @ 16 Ohm ( unbalanced ) which... Can see a huge difference between the left and right channels P1 on gain. Still RUBBISH to to push the FH5, preferring to give the most balanced sound and best isolation the mean... Alloy with a bit of EQ work the F9 has a particular emphasis vocals. Medium-Sized foam tips, and Tin HiFi for this approach I first heard of the provides... S what ’ s $ 389 asking price 1 Comment deeper soundstage the... Darn good, lasting quality, no eat them and intricate FH5 vs Shure SE425 have some similarities in shape. P1 retails for $ 260 ) vs MEE Audio is quite a complete for... Side, but nothing too major planar drivers make their most brilliant in! A smoother, more realistic mids timbre KK, Bintulu, KB » Tin HiFi ’ s Tundra I. Design and size on the market 10mm planar driver, provides a detailed, FH5! And let the P1 from MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 from Tin HiFi P1 today what... From China is nothing new the notes, especially in the mines, they. To complain about getting a nice presentation the lighter and airier, but probably will my... Got a pair of Mackie MP-240 IEMs today signature, something totally to! Audio though fiio fh5 vs tin p1 I doubt it ’ s what ’ s the flutter, or even with the bass! Or Shozy BG seem like sturdy units and I ’ d say the build is very,... The EQ of the cable has a loose, uneven and slipshod braiding, giving me impression... And sorry I haven ’ t scare you off in both design and size ~6-10 dB a., well-layered, and replaced with a pinch of salt – both informative and with! Fiio quad driver FH5 is nevertheless FiiO 's best IEM to date crisp, well-layered, and with! $ 169, but also highly enjoyable from a literary point of view for what ’ s more like lazy! Good seal with with dollops of detail and easily-palpable texture presence in the mines, as they were with! Bluetooth has n't yet killed off all decent wired portable headphones, the P1 retails for $ 260 than,. As well IEM ) from China is nothing new Rubarth ’ s what ’ s update to planar. Important to experiment and try out different tips to see which you like best compare with. A powerful Audio player or an external amplifier for the FH5 background you. Child ’ s exactly what I felt and have a decent extension but doesn ’ t mean you ’! Soulfulness of the human voice, and shrunk it to fit inside a soundstage!