Frequently Asked Questions

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music intervention to accomplish a variety of goals that are individualized. A credentialed professional music therapist who has completed an approved music therapy program works within the therapeutic relationship between client and/or group and therapist to reach goals and objectives. Music therapy interventions can be designed to:

•Promote Wellness

•Manage Stress

•Alleviate Pain

•Express Feelings

•Enhance Memory

•Improve Communication

•Promote Physical Rehabilitation

(American Music Therapy Association)


For parents and seniors entering into new areas of life, many music therapy interventions can serve as a wonderful resource and service to support these transitions. To learn more about music therapy, please visit


What is Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth?

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth is a labor and delivery support method designed by a board certified music therapist that uses carefully designed music programs to create a birth experience that is calm, safe and supportive for babies and their parents. Trained in the Sound Birthing Method, Nurturing Notes uses this specialized method to promote the most positve of birth experiences. For more information about Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth and other Sound Birthing programs, please visit