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Working with Kenya during my pregnancy was such a beautiful and calming experience. I looked forward to our sessions together as a time to really tune into my body and to learn techniques and exercises that put both my mind and body at ease throughout my pregnancy.

Maeling M.

Using our birthing music that Kenya helped divide for every stage of labor, breath control for pain relief, and labor positions were so very helpful. We walked, danced, laughed, and pushed my son into his new world…she made it an experience that we will never forget.

Peace P.

Being under the care of Kenya at the time was one of the best things that happened to us. Throughout our sessions she showed us several relaxation techniques and we found music that match them and helped me to relax even more. I used them at night before bed a lot in the last few weeks of my pregnancy when I was getting really anxious about my breeched baby. She anticipated the type of music I needed to keep me calm and relaxed. I would recommend a music therapist like Kenya to any pregnant woman.  Whether they are planning on a medication free birth or even if they are planning on an epidural. Her techniques work!!!   

Johane F.

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