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Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth


Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth


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Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth is a labor and delivery support method designed by a board-certified music therapist that uses carefully designed music programs to create a birth experience that is calm, safe and supportive for babies and their parents. Trained in the Sound Birthing Method, Nurturing Notes uses this specialized method to promote the most positive of birth experiences for mom and baby.

Why music for birth? 

Using music for birth can:

  • Block discomfort

  • Manage comfort level

  • Support breathing

  • Induce a relaxing, calm state

  • Manage and preserve energy

  • Support both mom and partner during labor

  • Set or change the birthing atmosphere and tone

  • Help parents connect with baby

  • Help partners connect with each other

  • Give a way to express important emotions

  • Aid in having a positive and enjoyable birth experience

  • Be used throughout maternity phases – prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Package
  • 3 prenatal visits covering your hopes, fears, & plans for birth

  • Prenatal sessions include spending additional time discussing & practicing how music will be incorporated into the labor & listening to various music excerpts to determine what music you find the most relaxing.

  • Access to library of specially-compiled Sound Birthing Music playlists to use during pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum, and creation of own personalized playlist. 

  • Overview of Nightly Practice Session program using music to train the body & mind to go into a deeply relaxed state.

  • Phone, text, & email support throughout pregnancy and delivery

  • On call 24/7 2 weeks prior to your due date until the birth of your little one

  • Continuous emotional & physical support during labor, along with assessing and playing the most helpful music for every stage of labor

  • 1 postpartum visit to check in with the new family unit, review birth experience, and offer postpartum music tips

We always offer a complimentary, no obligation first meeting where we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. We will also discuss your plans for your birth and how we can be of the most help to you and your partner during your birth. 

Let’s create something wonderful together.

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