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Creative Arts Birthing

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Creative Arts Birthing


The Art of Birthing

Creative Arts Birthing is a unique and innovative birth preparation series inspired, designed, and taught by birth professionals who are trained in the Arts. It integrates forms of creative expression into the learning process including: visual art, music, movement, and writing.

Each of the creative arts experiences is supported by live or recorded music that has been carefully selected and sequenced or pregnancy and birth preparation by music therapy experts in this field.

Participants also learn imagery and relaxation techniques paired with music and art that are explored though creative processes. Prenatal bonding with the baby, conscious parenting, pregnancy health and nutrition, and informed choices in the birth process are also emphasized.

  • Develop a special bond and enhance pre-natal communication with your baby

  • Research-based proven techniques for labor, birth, and post-partum

  • Natural birthing and parenting skills taught

  • Build your confidence and discover your innate potential to give birth

  • Small Classes-Hands on experiences

  • Learn how your birth partner, music, and your techniques will support you throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum

Discover your innate birth potential

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