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Birth Music Consultation


Birth Music Consultation


Calmness for body and mind

Birth Music Consultation offers the perfect option for individuals or couples who are looking for ways creative and economical ways to complete their prenatal preparation and support their labor and delivery using music, even from the comfort of their homes! 

Birth Music Consultation Package

One 90-minute mini-session meeting in person or online via Skype, Google Chat, or Facetime covering:

  • The Sound Birthing Method

  • How to effectively use music to promote a positive birth experience

  • How to gain access and understand the Sound Birthing Method playlists

  • Creating personal playlists to accompany existing playlists

  • Using music daily and nightly to establish and or enhance your existing prenatal routine

Comprehensive Birth Music Consultation Package

This is a 4-session  package that is in person or online, including all services from the mini-session with additional services:

  • Help with creation of “womb song,” personalized song or lullaby written specifically for baby by parents or family to enhance prenatal bonding.

  • Practice for labor and delivery with music

  • Postpartum check in to review birth experience and tips to use music during postpartum periods

We always offer a complimentary, no-obligation first meeting to see if we are a good fit. We will also discuss your plans for birth and what support you may need. Schedule your complimentary meeting Here!

Your music. Your birth. Your way.

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